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Plan Bleu Architecture
+ Interiors Inc.


We design environments inspired by our need for growth, creativity and protection of the natural environment.


Plan Bleu Architecture + Interior Inc. aims to create a legacy for future generations through our work, by promoting peace, happiness and the protection of the natural environment through the practice of architecture and interior design.

We design built environments inspired by our need for growth, creativity and the natural environment, that facilitate communication, mobility and progress. Our goal is to produce innovative spaces that express efficiency and harmony.

We listen carefully to our client’s needs. We imagine, we design, we deliver; We communicate effectively. We search for innovative solutions. We search for the right answer to any given need.

Our clients get our full professional attention, the best of our experience and creative thinking.  Our clients get solutions that transcend initial expectations and meet all objectives.  We turn dreams into reality.  Jobs done on time and on budget.

In the end our clients get improved asset values, pride, comfort, flexibility, meaningful designs that communicate high standards and attract attention.

We are certified in LEED Energy and Environmental Design and a member of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia.